Cream of the Crop Trail Rides

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Who We Are

Here at Cream of the Crop, we offer fun, safe trail rides on well-trained, beautiful horses. 

You can either come ride at our Lindrith site, or we can trailer to other scenic sites, including the Cuba/Lindrith/Gallina/Llaves area. We have easy access to endless, beautiful trails on National Forests.


$75 per person at our Lindrith site

Rides at other customer requested sites is $30 travel fee for rider #1, additional riders $5 each 

Price is for rides up to 2 hours

Additional charges for longer rides can be negotiated before the ride

Children over 9 welcome on the trails

Weight limit is 240 lbs, 

Prior info of rider weight, height, experience level is helpful to match you up with your perfect horse

Round pen rides are available for younger children

Inexperienced and timid riders welcome!

Lessons available for any age


  • No firearms
  • No alcohol
  • No abuse toward the animals or staff
  • No Saturday rides available